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Index of Topics

This index is arranged alphabetically.

Bretland Tracklayer


Canal inclines

Bude: David Wroe archive Bude Canal Inclines

Continuously Welded Rail (CWR)

In Ireland: Barry_2009

David Wroe Archive

Guide to David Wroe Archive

Ellson Rail Joint

Photos & details: David Wroe archive Ellson joint


Gauge widening on curves and in turnouts: BRT WR CCE instructions article
Origin of 4ft 8 1/2 in: HMRS article
Origin of Irish 5ft 3in gauge: Barry_2009
Use of 4ft 8 3/8 in on BR: HMRS article HMRS EMB letter Conference paper
Variations on 4ft 8 1/2 in: RCTS history article

Inspection Cars

Car, railcar: Barry_2009

International Railway Congress

IRC, IRCA: IRC_article

"John Bull" rail machinery

Drill, saw, borer: David Wroe archive notebook p.45-46

Joint chairs

Several companies: David Wroe archive notebook p.10-15, 24-25, 28-29


Origin of fishplate: ICE Adams paper Taylor Bros centenary David Wroe archive notebook p.83
In 1895: Hunt_1895
In 1905: Ross_1905


British Manufacturers of Permanent Way: BrPW_manufacturers article

Manufacturer's name markings on rail chairs: BrPW_manufacturers article


List of Permanent Way Drawings at the NRM
List of Permanent Way Objects at the NRM


Bicslade Tramway: David Wroe archive notebook p.60
Bude Canal Sand Plateway: David Wroe archive Bude Canal Sand Plateway
Fayle's Tramway: David Wroe archive Fayle's Tramway
Haytor Granite Tramway: David Wroe archive notebook p.57
Lee Moor Tramway: David Wroe archive notebook p.58
Middlebere Plateway: David Wroe archive Middlebere Plateway

Platov Tracklayer


Points and Crossings (P&C)

See also "Switches and Crossings (S&C)"
Early designs: Brees Taylor Bros centenary
In 1900 (IRC report): Worthington_1900 Worthington_1900_drawings Bate_1999
On GWR: GWR S&C practice


List of PWI papers
History: David Wroe archive PWI papers
Photos: David Wroe archive PWI photos

Rail Bicycles


Standardisation of Design

REA 1905: REA
In 1924: Various papers and references

Switches and Crossings (S&C)

See also "Points and Crossings (P&C)"