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This page provides a guide to published sources of information about old permanent way. The guide includes books, papers, articles, reports and webpages. It provides brief details, description of contents and links to further details and on-line reading.
The guide page also provides access to unpublished archives that are on-line on oldpway.info.
The guide page does not include drawings, photographs, oldpway.info articles, people, extant sites and external links, all of which have their own oldpway pages.

Guide to Published Sources

The published sources are arranged in order of publication date, on different pages for each decade of publication.

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Guide to Reference Sources

For reference sources, including bibliographies, biographies and lists of papers, see Reference Source Guide.

Oldpway Lists

Oldpway provides lists of drawings, objects, papers, patents, etc held by museums, archives, libraries and others. For these lists see Lists Guide.

Unpublished Archives on oldpway

Oldpway is priviledged to have been given permission to host on-line copies of the following privately-owned archives of information about old permanent way. Oldpway is grateful to the owners of these materials for making them accessible in this way.

If any readers of this website have archive material that they would like to make available on-line on oldpway.info, please contact oldpway.

D_Wroe_archive, Details
"David Wroe Archive"

This is an archive of papers, drawings, photos and research notes collected by the late David Wroe.
It covers all aspects of permanent way, but is particularly strong on the Southampton area, the LSWR and the Southern Railway. There is much to do with the Southampton Branch of the PWI.