oldpway.info FAQs page

This page answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about oldpway.info that are not answered by the Home page.

Q. What has been added to oldpway recently, and when?

Additions and changes to oldpway include:

Q. What is included on oldpway.info and what is not?

It is difficult to decide where to draw the boundary of what to include on oldpway.info and what to exclude. In general the following apply:

oldpway.info includes:

oldpway.info generally does not include the following (but they are sometimes mentioned):

Q. Why isn't some particular piece of information on oldpway?

There are three possible reasons:

Q. Why isn't it possible to read or view copies of everything on-line?

There are three possible reasons:

Q. How can I contact oldpway.info?

Please use the Contact Details page.

Q. What about Copyright?

This website does not deliberately infringe copyright.
If you think any item might be copyright, please contact oldpway, so Ernest Bate can try to resolve the concern.
A guide to copyright in the United Kingdom is here. The government guide to exceptions to copyright is here.
It is intended that all information on oldpway.info is free of copyright, either because it is sufficiently old that copyright has expired, or because the copyright owners have waived the right to copyright on this information.
If any material on oldpway has copyright restrictions, this is noted with the information.
Some material on oldpway (including unpublished railway company reports and drawings) will remain in copyright until 31 Dec 2039, but is now public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence version 3.0 (OGL v3.0). This is because copyrights owned by pre-grouping railway companies passed through successive railway companies to British Railways Board (Residuary) Ltd., and are now assigned to the Crown. Such material is used on the oldpway website within the terms and conditions of OGL v3.0 and can be used by anyone else within the terms and conditions of OGL v3.0. OGL v3.0 is on-line on the National Archives website at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/, with a copy of OGL v3.0 on oldpway at copyright/OGL_v3_0.pdf.

Q. Can I copy, print, use and pass on information from oldpway.info?

Yes, you can.
Ernest Bate wants to increase the availability of all this information and encourage use of it.
If you do use or publish any of this information, please mention that oldpway.info is the source.
If you wish to use any of this information for commercial gain, please contact oldpway to discuss this. Some items may only be free of copyright if used for non-commercial purposes.

Q. Help! It's broken, wrong or missing. What can I do?

If you find mistakes on oldpway, including wrong or broken links, spelling mistakes, wrong information or missing pages, please contact oldpway.
Please report the problem, so Ernest Bate can try to put it right.

Q. How can I provide more information to add to oldpway.info?

Ernest Bate welcomes additional information to put on oldpway and also suggestions for improvements. Please contact him to discuss the information or suggestions.
Please note that oldpway has a lot of information that has not yet been put on the website due to lack of time.

Q. Who is Ernest Bate?

I am a railway enthusiast with a passion for old permanent way. I have created and own www.oldpway.info. In the 1970s I worked in the British Railways Eastern Region Civil Engineer’s Department. Since then I have collected a lot of information about permanent way (such as books, drawings and papers) and a lot of permanent way railwayana (mostly railchairs). I intend to put all this information online on oldpway.info.

Q. Why isn't oldpway a book?

There are several reasons, including:

Q. Why isn't oldpway colourful with distinctive backgrounds and a logo?

This is information, not entertainment! It is designed to be easy to read on any computer and easy to print out.