oldpway.info Photographs page

This page is a list of photographs of old permanent way, including track components such as railchairs. It provides links to and details of all on-line photographs on oldpway.info.

Where the photos are of extant permanent way, it links to the extant page to provide details.

The links page gives access to many other on-line photos that are not listed here. See Wikipedia rail track photos.

List of photographs

This list is arranged by the location at which the photograph was taken, sorted alphabetically by country, county and then town. Each photograph is marked with an availability status, using the following abbreviations.

 [W]  Wanting. oldpway.info does not have a copy.
 [OL]  On-line on oldpway.info, by following the link.
 [PA]  oldpway.info has a paper copy which is awaiting scanning if out of copyright.
 [PC]  oldpway.info has a paper copy which is copyright.

British Isles
Private Collections, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
Australia, USA.

Private Collections

oldpway Collection.

Photos of all railchairs, with dates and details

Other Private Collections.

Photos of railchairs in private collections, with dates and details


Isle of Wight, ??, Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Extant.

Description of what is there.

Somerset, ??, Extant.

Photos of pway on display

Suffolk, ??, Extant.

Photos of pway on display

Yorkshire, Darlington, Track in park Extant.

Photos of old S&DR and Croft branch pway

Yorkshire, Darlington, North Road Museum. Extant.

Photos of pway in museum

Yorkshire, York, National Railway Museum. Extant.

Photos of all pway items, with dates and details

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland