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This page provides links to external websites that are relevant to old permanent way. It includes useful reference source websites with on-line searches and catalogues.

List of external links

The list is arranged by alphabetically within the following categories.
Institutions, Internet discussion groups, Internet information sites, Museums, Preserved railways, Reference source websites, Societies.



Description of site, including where proceeedings are on-line or searchable.


Description of site, including where books are listed

How to buy PWI Journal articles

Photocopies of PWI Journal articles can be bought from PWI Registered Office, as detailed at bottom of PWI website Journal page.
For each paper send 5.00 to the:
PWI Registered Office, 11 Caraway Place, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 7FE
clearly stating the title of the paper, author(s), and year and part number of the Journal in which it was published.

Internet discussion groups

trackwork group

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templot group

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Internet information sites

Wikipedia pages

Permanent way. A short introduction to permanent way. Includes sections on present-day practice, historical development and track gauge. Some information on plateways, early edge rails, standard and broad gauge, development from 1900 to 2000, continuously welded rail.

Gauntlet track (commonly called gantlet track in USA and interlaced track in UK). Lists and illustrates interesting examples of gauntlet track around the world. More illustrations.

Rail track photos. A mixture of photos and diagrams of modern and older track and track components. Many sub-categories including ballast, rail fastenings, fishplates, points, rack track, rails, sleepers, tram rail tracks.


North Road Museum, Darlington. Extant.

Description of site

National Railway Museum, York. Extant.

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Preserved railways

Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Extant.

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Reference source websites

These websites have useful on-line searches and catalogues

For oldpway Reference Sources Guide page, see here.

Archive.org catalogue External link

British Library catalogue External link

Cambridge University Library catalogue External link

DOI (digital object identifier) website External link

Google books catalogue External link

Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Virtual Library catalogue External link

National Railway Museum (Search Engine) catalogue External link

Openlibrary.org catalogue External link

Public Records Office catalogue External link

Railway stations published photographs database www.mulehouse.myzen.co.uk/stations

A very good index/database of published photographs of British and Irish railway stations. Specially good to find photos that may include historical views of trackwork at stations of interest.

steamindex website for list of Railway Magazine articles and some biographies External link

World library catalogue External link



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Description of site, include page for track drawing books.