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oldpway.info includes a number of on-line articles, written or adapted for this website, about aspects of old permanent way. This page lists and gives access to these articles. They are mainly unpublished.

List of on-line articles

IRC_article, Read
"International Railway Congress (IRC)"

This explains the International Railway Congress (IRC) and the International Railway Congress Association (IRCA), including what they did, their publications and how they relate to old permanent way.

BrPW_manufacturers, Read
"British Permanent Way Manufacturers"

This article gives details of British companies which manufactured permanent way and permanent way components, including rails, rail chairs, switches and crossings.
It includes a list of the maker's name initials used on rail chairs.
It includes a list of which railway companies manufactured their own permanent way, including rail chairs and switches and crossings.
Sources of information are detailed.
This is work in progress. If you can contribute additional information, please contact oldpway. The article on-line is currently version 2, written in April 2020.

Standard gauge

Introduction of flat-bottom rail

Gauntlet track

Gauge widening

SER p.way

NER p.way information

Standardisation of p.way